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 Rape Trial
 Samiran Chakravarty

  ISBN :  978-93-80145-36-5          Price : INR :  195

 About the Book
 Rape Trial is ‘shockingly controversial’. Whether there is a rape or lawful intercourse in the novel it is for the  readers to decide.Rape Trial also dwells into our denied rights that are being raped like our air, water, and other similar rights and resources.‘Prelude’ depicts the evolution of rape and the ‘Epilogue’ portrays struggle for women’s rights since 15th-16th century. It is pointed that Prophet Mohammad was a great social reformist favoring women’s rights.Rape Trial also expresses deep regrets for the marginalized, ostracized and suspected Muslims in general for a minority group of mainly Muslim terrorists’ activities. Hero ‘Anil’ of the novel feels it’s grossly unfair.Changes in Libya, Yemen, Pakistan or Syria to name a few countries where Muslims kill Muslims and also non-Muslims torment him.‘Anil’ wonders why Pakistan does not take a lesson in administration from Indonesia’s Susilo Bangbang or Sheik Hasina Wazed of Bangladesh if it is allergic to learn democracy from India over the last 64 years.

Dew Drops Unseen
Samiran Chakravarty

  ISBN :   978-81-89293-92-5         Price : INR :  195

About the Book
Those lovers who fall asleep under the dropping dews and lose their identities may never be able to understand Dew Drops Unseen’ s hero Robin’s suppressed, anguish, concealed frustration and gradual mental decomposition.
Being an Anglo-Indian of catholic background of eminence he was suave. He kept most of his growing up pains during adolescence looked up within him. He was unable to relate to girls of his age as Gospel stated even lusting for a girl was adultery. His first love affair with a Bengali girl had failed as he was an untouchable Anglo-Indian in post-independent India. He loved his dead father intensely but was angry with him for his volatile transient tempers.
His masked anger against his father, repressed adolescences due to Catholicism’s taught ‘Adultery’ and his gross disliking of blood bath between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland started eroding him. Noting marked decline in his mental health his mother compelled him to consult a psychiatrist. He did so. Then with psychiatric help he climbed to the crest of success as a member of the discriminated minority community, for a while, soon after 1947.


A Beginner's Guide to Literary Theory
Indrajit Sarkar

ISBN :   978-93-81672-01-3         Price : INR :  60.

About the Book 

 The area of literary theory is wide, varied and interdisciplinary. It has numerous inlets and outlets, and the list is continuously  increasing. Knowledge to them has now become essential to the proper understanding of literature as well as any piece of art. The  present volume is intented for higher studies in English literature, particularly for Honours  and  P.G. classes. The work, it is hoped,  will also be found useful for NET/SET aspirants. It will also become useful to the inquisitive readers of literature in general.


 Books Way Guide To MA English Part 1

 Shankar Nath Banerjee 

 ISBN :  978-93-81672-06-8          Price : INR :  70.

  About the Book

 The Books Way Guide to MA English, will not only help to study a large number of M.A. students of different Universities, but also help them obtain good marks in M.A. Examination. So students should follow this book very carefully.

  Edward the Second

 Edited by Jaydip Sarkar and Shirshendu Mandal  

 ISBN :  978-93-81672-07-5          Price : INR :  195.    

 About the Book

 Widely applauded as Christopher Marlow’s ‘most perfect achievement in dramatic structure’ and the ‘most finished and satisfactory of Marlow’s plays, evidently carefully written, with refractory chronicle material skillfully handled,’ Edward the Second brings form and meaning to the incoherent of its chronicle source by retelling Edward II’s slightly dull, twenty year reign as the fierce and deadly struggle of some willful personalities. The present edition meticulously offers a detailed and lucid overview of almost all the vexed textual, critical and performance histories of the play. Considered within the dramaturgical, ethical and socio-political context of the Marlovian era, this volume caters to readers with useful surveys of the critical territory and puts deliberate emphasis on some relatively less explored issues of the play. It also examines some of the controversies of the modern period, such as, the anti-theatrical debate, Machiavellism, the legitimacy of sectarian violence, discourses of addiction and homosexuality, power politics, and so on.



F.L. Lucas


ISBN :  978-93-81672-02-0          Price : INR :  80.   


The Metres of English Poetry

Enid Hamer


ISBN :  978-93-81672-05-1          Price : INR :  195.


After a Prolonged Wait
Dr. Nazrul Islam


ISBN :  978-93-81672-09-9          Price : INR :  195.


About the Book

The book is a novel, written in the form of a letter from a husband to his wife, who had just returned from abroad and disclosed his decision to leave him for another person abroad. He tried to talk to her. She did not even listen to him. His heart was broken, mind shattered. He felt being cheated and helpless. He wanted to express his feeling to helplessness. There was none, to whom he could express. So, with a heavy heart, he began to write.



Re-inventing Australian Literature and Culture
Deb Narayan Bandyopadhyay
Debamita Banerjee


 ISBN :  978-98-81672-11-2          Price : INR :  150.

About the Book

 How should we consider the determining factors of a culture text and what should be the parameters of its critical  value system? These contentious issues have often been addressed by researchers working on Australian Studies. The papers contained in this volume are the result of such critical debates. These essays cover a surprisingly extensive range: from the colonial to the contemporary, from the Aborigine to the diasporic contentious of place and space, from ritualistic praxis to environmental activism. This wide spectrum of critical approaches raises an implicit issue of coming to terms with Australian national culture.



The Gendred India
Feminism and The Indian Gender Reality
Ed. Arnab Bhattacharya


ISBN :  978-93-81672-00-6          Price : INR :  395.

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