Booksway is a renowned Publishing house in India Venturing forward to reach Bibliolatrous intellectuals around the world of knowledge. The house is attempting to focus the Indian achievements on the English domain of English literature, language and philosophy of letters fast developing in India and cater them for the great bibliophiles as an earnest bibliopole. It is a fast growing publication in India, situated in Kolkata.

It has a bright concept of establishing a World Book Consortium, where books from all corners of the world will be physically displayed to reach the hand of erudite bibliophiles who have always stayed eager for pursuing books which have been till date only a book review information to them. We invite publishers around the world to join hands in our this noble efforts so that we can have books from abroad as displayable samples and also send our books as desired by them for similar reason at their esteemed display houses.

We believe, this way there will be a friendly tie-up amongst publishers in four corners of the world keeping as eye on the commercial success for our mutual benefits. We request all the libraries, book sellers, book distributors & publishers may be selected by them at pretty discount for the students, readers and researchers. We offer publishers, distributors, book merchants even local book sellers who are desirous of catering excellent books to the readers. Let us establish a global bond of cooperation with the world of books through all-over distributions.

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